Design Questionnaire

Tell us how you want it.

We have created this questionnaire to help you do this. There are some questions here which you may not even have considered yet, but which are important for us to build you a website you’ll love.

The more detail you can provide, the better.

If there are any questions you are unsure about, please feel free to answer in any way you wish or leave the space blank and move on to the next question.

If you have a special request which doesn’t seem to fit under any of the questions, we have included a text area at the end which you can use to add additional information.

1. Your Name

What is your name / company's name?

2. Websites You Like

Please list your favourite websites and what you like about them.

a) SITE 1

Name & URL:

Like and Dislike:
Eg. I like the use of white space and how the text looks like old newsprint, but I don't like how bright the colours are.

b) SITE 2

Name & URL:

Like and Dislike:
Eg. Shop page is easy to navigate and find specific products, but layout looks messy and disorganised.

c) SITE 3

Name & URL:

Like and dislike:
Eg. Website design makes it obvious what the company sells / what services they offer, but contact details are difficult to find.

3. Overall Look

Describe the kind of "look" you are trying to achieve:
eg. high-tech, conservative, colourful, minimalist, lots of white space, lots of photos, etc.:

4. List of Pages

List the main pages you would expect to have on your site:
eg. Home, About Us, Products, Services, Contact Us

5. Colours

List any preference for colours or colour schemes for your site:
Include Hex codes if you know them - eg. #00FF00/blue, #111111/dark grey, #EEEEEE/light grey

6. Photos & Images

Do you have any photos you'd like us to use on your new website? We strongly recommend you hire a professional photographer to take high quality photos which will make your website look the best it possibly can.
If YES, you can send us the pictures via WeTransfer or Dropbox, or provide them on a USB stick.
If NO, we will try to find relevant photos from stock photo libraries.

7. Search Terms & Keywords

What search terms will visitors use to find your website?
Eg. florists in Stirling, stirling flowers, flower shop near Stirling

8. Competitors' Websites

List websites of your competitors or similar organisations:

9. Target Market

Describe your target market(s), including age range, corporate vs personal, level of computer savvy:

10. About Your Business

Describe your organisation, your clients, and how you stand out in your industry (if applicable):

11. Website Goals

What are the various goals and purposes you want to achieve with your website?
eg. 1. Sell products online / 2. Connect with customers on social media / 3. Reach more potential customers searching for our services online

12. Your Current Website

If you have an existing website, please tell us its URL and anything you like or hate about it:

13. Anything Else?

Is there anything else you would like to add?

By sumbitting this form, I consent to have my details processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy


I must say I was delighted with Stirling IT’s work on my website. There price was cost effective, which is one of the main criteria! When I met with Stuart initially, he conducted detailed research about my company and my competitors, and their websites. He comple...

- Mike Walker Therapies
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